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6 Maxims of Creating Buzz

Maxim #1: Push The Taboo Button To Start Conversations Even Procter & Gamble stumbled upon taboo many years ago with Mr. Whipple and his admonishment, “Don’t squeeze the charmin!” Whipple told America it wasn’t allowed in the store…we couldn’t squeeze the Charmin. And the Mr. Whipple campaign was the most successful campaign in the brand’s […]

CMO + Yoga: 3 Things To Keep You Moving

Def Jam records founder Russell Simmons, “The Voice” star and singer Adam Levine, and Jon Bon Jovi all practice yoga. People from all walks of life, all ages and all religions practice yoga for spirituality, relaxation, detox, strength and flexibility. Looking in from the outside, I always wondered, “What do they know that I don’t?” […]

CMO Wake Up Call – Innovation Isn’t Dead

I hear innovation is dead. Long live innovation. Despite some well-informed and provocative writing about the recent death of innovation, I would like to respectfully disagree. Innovation in marketing measurement and technology might be at a slow point. If it were a racecar, it would be downshifting for the hairpin turn. But innovation is far […]

Your Mother Can Buy Media Better Than You

Many of us remember quotes from our moms–simple sayings which may not have rung true then, but are timeless now. Among them: “If all your friends jumped off a cliff…would you do it too?” It’s obvious, but sometimes it takes a mother to show us that the well-worn path is not always the right path. […]

What’s Changing The Landscape Of Advertising?

Ladies and gentlemen, the white elephant has left the building. It was in the building and dominating more than a few conference rooms for years. The white elephant was palpable but not quite visible as blue chip brands were discussing a long-term commitment to digital advertising, but they were really facing the inability to consistently […]

5 CMO Strategies To Stay On Top

Today’s average lifespan of a CMO is only 18 months. But there’s no reason for CMOs to sit back and idly wait for their 18 months to run out. Just as you can increase your personal lifespan by implementing healthy changes and eliminating bad habits, CMOs may be able to double their tenure by following […]